Bright Air Black: A Novel

Black Cat #ad - Ambitious, dazzling, disturbing, and memorable” retelling of Jason and the Argonauts seen through the eyes of Medea Financial Times. To reveal the bare bones of the archaic period in all their bloody, London, reeking nastiness The Times, and to deliver a bracing alternative to the long-held notions of Medea as monster or sorceress.

Having fled her father, and butchered her brother, she is embarking on a conquest of her own. It is thirteenth century bc, the equally heroic argonauts, and the treasured symbol of kingship, and the Argo is bound for its epic return journey across the Black Sea from Persia’s Colchis with the valiant Jason, the Golden Fleece.

Rejected for her gender, medea is hungry for revenge, and to right the egregious fate of being born a woman in a world ruled by men. International bestselling and multi-prize-winning author david Vann transports readers to the Mediterranean and Black Sea, 3, 250 years ago, for “a stunning depiction of one of mythology’s most complex characters” The Australian.

Bright Air Black: A Novel #ad - . The most intimate and corporal version of medea’s story ever told, Bright Air Black “a compelling study of human nature stripped to its most elemental” The Guardian. Around our idea of ancient Greece .  .  . We witness medea’s humanity, the cataclysmic repercussions of betrayal, her Bronze Age roots and position in Greek society, survivor, and ultimately, her love affair with Jason, and the drive of an impassioned woman—victim, agent of her own destiny.


House of Names: A Novel

Scribner #ad - House of names “is a disturbingly contemporary story of a powerful woman caught between the demands of her ambition and the constraints on her gender…Never before has Tóibín demonstrated such range, ” The Washington Post. It is orestes’s story, too: his capture by the forces of his mother’s lover Aegisthus, his escape and his exile.

. Clytemnestra rules mycenae now, along with her new lover Aegisthus, and together they plot the bloody murder of Agamemnon on the day of his return after nine years at war. A washington post notable fiction book of the year * Named a Best Book of 2017 by NPR, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, St. Judged, cursed by gods, clytemnestra reveals the tragic saga that led to these bloody actions: how her husband deceived her eldest daughter Iphigeneia with a promise of marriage to Achilles, only to sacrifice her; how she seduced and collaborated with the prisoner Aegisthus; how Agamemnon came back with a lover himself; and how Clytemnestra finally achieved her vengeance for his stunning betrayal—his quest for victory, despised, greater than his love for his child.

House of Names: A Novel #ad - Louis dispatch from the thrilling imagination of bestselling, award-winning Colm Tóibín comes a retelling of the story of Clytemnestra and her children—“brilliant…gripping…high drama…made tangible and graphic in Tóibín’s lush prose” Booklist, starred review. I have been acquainted with the smell of death.

So begins clytemnestra’s tale of her own life in ancient Mycenae, the legendary Greek city from which her husband King Agamemnon left when he set sail with his army for Troy. He brings a modern sensibility and language to an ancient classic, and gives this extraordinary character new life, so that we not only believe Clytemnestra’s thirst for revenge, but applaud it.

Told in four parts, this is a fiercely dramatic portrait of a murderess, who will herself be murdered by her own son, Orestes.



Atlantic Monthly Press #ad - The character looks back on her life as a child looks into a tank, hoping to make sense of the world inside—a theme Vann develops beautifully, creating a mysterious realm of the wintry American city. The guardian. Vann’s novels are striking, uncompromising portraits of American life” Kirkus Reviews, starred review.

When she befriends an old man at the tanks one day, who seems as enamored by the fish as she, Caitlin cracks open a dark family secret and propels her once-blissful relationship with her mother toward a precipice of terrifying consequence. Now, in crystalline, chiseled yet graceful prose, Aquarium takes us into the heart of a brave young girl whose longing for love and capacity for forgiveness transforms the damaged people around her .

Aquarium #ad -  .  . A blue-collar parable .  .  . David vann’s dazzling debut legend of a suicide was reviewed in over a 150 major global publications, won eleven prizes worldwide, was on forty “best books of the year” lists, and established its author as a literary master. Gazing at the creatures within the watery depths, Caitlin accesses a shimmering universe beyond her own.

Twelve-year-old caitlin lives alone with her mother—a docker at the local container port—in subsidized housing next to an airport in Seattle. From the award-winning author of Legend of a Suicide: “A kind of modern fairy tail .


Dirt: A Novel

Harper #ad - But he's powerless to stop the manic binges that overtake him, leading him to fixate on forbidden desires. A prisoner of his body, he is obsessed with thoughts of the boldly flirtatious Jennifer and dreams of shedding himself of the clinging mother whose fears and needs weigh him down. An exhilarating portrayal of a legacy of violence and madness, Dirt is an entirely feverish read.

Galen and his mother survive on the family's trust fund—old money that his aunt, and seventeen-year-old cousin, Helen, Jennifer, are determined to get their hands on. He doesn't know who his father is, his abusive grandfather is dead, and his grandmother, losing her memory, has been shipped off to a nursing home.

Dirt: A Novel #ad - The year is 1985, and twenty-two-year-old Galen lives with his emotionally dependent mother in a secluded old house surrounded by a walnut orchard in a suburb of Sacramento. When the family takes a trip to an old cabin in the Sierras, near South Lake Tahoe, tensions crescendo. Caught in a compromising position, Galen will discover the shocking truth of just how far he will go to attain the transcendence he craves.

Galen, to be as weightless as air, a new Age believer who considers himself an old soul, yearns for transformation: to free himself from the corporeal, to walk on water.


The Children of Jocasta

Europa Editions #ad - This is the thebes that jocasta has known her entire life, a city ruled by a king—her husband-to-be. Jocasta struggles through this miserable marriage until she is unexpectedly widowed. Haynes’s Thebes is vividly captured. Now free to choose her next husband, she selects the handsome, youthful Oedipus. As the deadly political competition swirls around her, she must uncover the root of the plot—and reveal the truth of the curse that has consumed her family.

The novel is based on oedipus Tyrannus and Antigone, two of Classical Greece’s most compelling tragedies. A dark, elegant novel” of two women in ancient Greece, based on the great tragedies of Sophocles Publishers Weekly. Thebes is a city in mourning, still reeling from a devastating plague that invaded every home and left the survivors devastated and fearful.

The Children of Jocasta #ad - Told in intersecting narratives, this reimagining of Sophocles’s classic plays brings life and voice to the women who were too often forced to the background of their own stories. After two and a half millennia of near silence, Jocasta and Ismene are finally given a chance to speak .  .  . In her excellent new novel, she harnesses the mutability of myth.

The guardian.


Goat Mountain: A Novel

Harper #ad - His father discovers a poacher on the land, a 640-acre ranch in Northern California, and shows him to the boy through the scope of his rifle. In david vann’s searing novel goat mountain, an 11-year-old boy at his family’s annual deer hunt is eager to make his first kill. With this simple gesture, tragedy erupts, shattering lives irrevocably.

In prose devastating and beautiful in its precision, the bonds of blood and religion that define and secure us, David Vann creates a haunting and provocative novel that explores our most primal urges and beliefs, and the consequences of our actions—what we owe for what we’ve done. David vann is the award-winning author of Legend of a Suicide, A Mile Down, Caribou Island, and Last Day on Earth.


The Islam Quintet: Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree, The Book of Saladin, The Stone Woman, A Sultan in Palermo, and Night of the Golden Butterfly

Open Road Media #ad - Night of the golden butterfly: a lahore-born writer living in London is called back to his homeland by an old friend who, at seventy-five, has finally fallen in love. The book of saladin: after saladin reclaims the holy city of jerusalem from the Crusaders, he turns to a Jewish scribe to record his story, which Edward Said calls “a narrative for our time, haunted by distant events and characters who are closer to us than we had dreamed.

The stone woman: “ali paints a vivid picture of a fading world, ” proclaims the New York Times Book Review, as a distant descendant of an exiled Ottoman courtier suffers a stroke in Istanbul, and his family rushes to his side to hear his last stories. A sultan in palermo: in “a marvelously paced and boisterously told novel of intrigue, insurrection and manipulation, love, ” cartographer Muhammad al-Idrisi is caught between his friendship with King Roger of Sicily and the resentments of his fellow Muslims The Guardian.

Five nuanced and powerful historical novels depicting the clashes among Muslims, Christians, and Jews from the Crusades to twenty-first-century London. Celebrated british-pakistani journalist and author Tariq Ali takes a mind-expanding journey through the ages with these five acclaimed works of fiction, available now in one collection.

The Islam Quintet: Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree, The Book of Saladin, The Stone Woman, A Sultan in Palermo, and Night of the Golden Butterfly #ad - If pakistan is a land of untold stories, ” writes the New Statesman, Ali is “the country’s finest historian and critic. ”  . For the doomed moors, the fall of Granada and the approaching forces of Christendom bring not peace but the sword. Shadows of the pomegranate tree: “ali captures the humanity and splendor of Muslim Spain” in “an enthralling story, unraveled with thrift and verve” The Independent.


Count Belisarius

RosettaBooks #ad - Eminent historical novelist and classicist Robert Graves presents a vivid account of a time in history both dissolute and violent, and demonstrates one again his mastery of this historical period. Loosely based on procopius’s history of the justinian Wars and Secret History, this novel tells the Belisarius’s story through the eyes of Eugenius, a eunuch and servant to the general’s wife.

It presents a compelling portrait of a man bound by a strict code of honor and unrelenting loyalty to an emperor who is intelligent but flawed, and whose decisions bring him to a tragic end. Threatened by invaders on all sides, the Eastern Roman Empire of the sixth century fought to maintain its borders.

Count Belisarius #ad - This “vigorous tale” by the acclaimed author of I, Claudius captures the sixth century fall of the Byzantine Empire as seen through the eyes of a servant Kirkus Reviews. Leading its defense was the byzantine general Belisarius, a man who earned the grudging respect of his enemies, and who rose to become Emperor Justinian’s greatest military leader.

A brilliant piece of scholarship. Kirkus reviews  “the scope of the book is massive—encompassing religious controversy and cultural developments as well as military history—yet, throughout, Graves succeeds in blending historical details with the development of his main characters. Historical Novel Society.


The Anger of Achilles: Homer's Iliad

RosettaBooks #ad - Offended by agamemnon, the great Greek warrior Achilles is in his tent, refusing to fight. The war between the Greeks and the Trojans has reached a fever pitch. The translation is lucid and concise, the work of a scholar of some originality. Kirkus Reviews. In this innovative take on the classic tale, bravery, passion, Achilles comes to life in all his vivid rage, and lust for battle.

The controversial prose-and-verse translation of the ancient war epic by the acclaimed author of I, Claudius—“full of new and provocative ideas” Kirkus Reviews. Willing or not, achilles must take revenge for his friend’s death, even if it will result in his own. But then trojan prince Hector slaughters Achilles’s intimate friend Patroclus.

The Anger of Achilles: Homer's Iliad #ad - This edition includes a compelling introduction by the author, who argues that Homer’s Iliad is best understood as a satire, closer in spirit to the works of Cervantes than those of Milton. The anger of achilles is a novelized interpretation of Homer’s Iliad, told by noted poet, classicist, and historical novelist Robert Graves.

Combining his expertise in ancient Greek warfare and culture with a famed talent for compelling storytelling, Graves is the ideal translator to bring this ancient epic of war to a modern audience.


Caribou Island: A Novel

HarperCollins e-books #ad -  . Vann knows the darkness but he writes from the compassionate light of art. This is an essential book. Robert olen butler, pulitzer prize-winning author of A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain“Exceptional…. An unflinching portrait of bad faith and bad dreams. Ron rash, author of burning brightset against the backdrop of Alaska’s unforgiving wilderness, Caribou Island is David Vann’s dark and captivating tale of a marriage pulled apart by rage and regret.

With this eagerly anticipated debut novel, vann takes up the mantle of Louise Erdrich, Marilyn Robinson, Legend of a Suicide, a masterful follow-up to his internationally bestselling short fiction anthology, and Rick Moody, delivering a powerfully wrought, enthrallingly emotional narrative of struggle and isolation.

Caribou Island: A Novel #ad - Dazzling….