Gentleman’s Agreement

Open Road Media #ad - When a reporter pretends to be jewish, he experiences anti-Semitism firsthand in the New York Times bestseller and basis for the Academy Award–winning film. In order to experience anti-Semitism firsthand, a Christian, Phil, decides to pose as a Jew. To mark this moment in history, his editor at Smith’s Weekly Magazine assigns Phil a series of articles on anti-Semitism in America.

Journalist philip green has just moved to New York City from California when the Third Reich falls. What he discovers about the rampant bigotry in America will change him forever.


The Clandestine History of the Kovno Jewish Ghetto Police: By Anonymous Members of the Kovno Jewish Ghetto Police

Indiana University Press #ad - This is a gripping story, page by page, and it reminds us again that there but for the grace of God go we all. Marvin kalb, senior Advisor to the Pulitzer Center and Edward R. Provides a graphic and unparalleled description of the conditions under which the Jews of Kaunas tried to live and survive. The forward   as a force that had to serve two masters, both the Jewish population of the Kovno ghetto in Lithuania and its German occupiers, the Kovno Jewish ghetto police walked a fine line between helping Jews survive and meeting Nazi orders.

A substantial introduction by distinguished historian Samuel D. No book i've read in recent time about the Holocaust has so moved me, evoking the utter helplessness of the Jew, the plight of the Jewish police and the cunning cruelty of the German. Murrow professor, emeritus, Harvard Kennedy School   “A landmark of Holocaust historiography.

The Clandestine History of the Kovno Jewish Ghetto Police: By Anonymous Members of the Kovno Jewish Ghetto Police #ad - Slavic Review. In 1942 and 1943 some of its members secretly composed this history and buried it in tin boxes. This book details the creation and organization of the ghetto, the violent German attacks on the population in the summer of 1941, the periodic selections of Jews to be deported and killed, the labor required of the surviving Jewish population, and the efforts of the police to provide a semblance of stability.

Kassow places this powerful work within the context of the history of the Kovno Jewish community and its experience and fate at the hands of the Nazis. Remarkable .  .


Heir to the Glimmering World: A Novel

Mariner Books #ad - With an uncertain future, and no clear idea of her duties, Rose—orphaned at eighteen and recently turned out by lover—has become a refugee among refugees. Hailed by the new york times as “the most accomplished and graceful literary stylist of our time, the PEN/Nabokov Award and PEN/Malamud Award, ” Cynthia Ozick is a recipient of the National Book Critics Circle Award, and Heir to the Glimmering World is yet another triumph from the author of the National Book Award finalist The Puttermesser Papers and Foreign Bodies.

A heroine to love, a story we can’t let go of, gorgeous sentences, and ideas to wrestle with. Expelled from berlin’s elite, and anneliese, professor Mitwisser—a researcher obsessed with an arcane religious doctrine—lives with his wife, a prominent physicist now quietly going mad, their willful sixteen-year-old daughter.

Heir to the Glimmering World: A Novel #ad - When anneliese’s fierce longing draws a new outcast into the fold—a vagrant actor running from fame—it’s up to Rose to quell the emotional, sexual, spiritual, and societal tempests brewing within the Mitwissers unsettled home. In the 1930s, new york is swarming with Europe’s ousted dreamers, alien families adapting to a new world.

I didn’t just read the book, I devoured. Ann patchett. Rose meadows unknowingly enters the lives of one such family when she answers an ad for an “assistant” to a Herr Mitwisser, the patriarch of a large household living in an obscure little neighborhood, in a remote corner of the sparse and weedy northeast Bronx.

A teenage girl goes to work for a chaotic family of Jewish immigrants, in a New York Times bestseller that’s “a cause for celebration” Ann Patchett.


A Walker in the City Harvest Book

Mariner Books #ad - Is revealed as tapestried, as dazzling, as full of lush and varied richness as an Arabian bazaar. The new york Times. With vivid imagery and sensual detail—the smell of half-sour pickles, and his eventual foray across the river to “the city, compelling Manhattan, the dry rattle of newspapers, ” the mysterious, the women in their shapeless flowered housedresses—Alfred Kazin recounts his boyhood walks through this working-class community, where treasures like the New York Public Library and the Metropolitan Museum beckoned.

A classic portrait of immigrant life in the early decades of the twentieth century, and synagogues—but also a universal story of the desires and fears we experience as we try to leave our small, A Walker in the City is a tour of tenements, subways, familiar neighborhoods for something new. A literary icon’s “singular and beautiful” memoir of growing up as a first-generation Jewish American in Brownsville, Brooklyn The New Yorker.

A Walker in the City Harvest Book #ad - Eventually, he would travel even farther, building a life around books and language and literature and exploring all that the world had to offer. The whole texture, color, and sound of life in this tenement realm .  .  .


The Auerbach Will: A Novel

Open Road Media #ad - And now, as she nears the end of her life, the result of the ugly, she must contend with blackmail and heartless legal assaults coming at her from all sides, persisting greed of her own children and grandchildren. But money could never buy the affection of family or compensate for the true love Essie let slip away.

. In this new york times bestseller, stephen birmingham, acclaimed chronicler of the lives of the super-rich and author of “Our Crowd”, introduces three generations of a singular family as it moves from poverty to privilege over the course of a cataclysmic century, led by one of the most endearing and unforgettable heroines in modern American fiction.

The Auerbach Will: A Novel #ad - A poignant and unforgettable rags-to-riches family saga following three generations of a remarkable clan from downtown ghetto to Park Avenue opulence   Marrying Jack Auerbach was Essie Litsky’s salvation, enabling her to break free of her strict Russian-Jewish immigrant parents and escape New York’s poor, dirty, overcrowded Lower East Side.

But essie is not dead yet, and those who underestimate the remarkable old woman are in for a shocking and powerful surprise. Together with her husband, essie amassed a fortune that dwarfed their wildest dreams: She was living in a grand mansion on Park Avenue, collecting priceless art, even conferring with a US president.


The American Home Front, 1941-1942

Grove Press #ad - It recalls transcontinental travel in the pre-interstate highway era, and with greater depth, social problems that Cooke detected beneath the win-the-war exhortations he encountered from coast to coast. Booklist. Shortly before he passed away, a long-forgotten manuscript resurfaced in a closet in his New York apartment.

It was a travelogue of america during the early days of World War II that had sat there for sixty years. In nearly three thousand bbc broadcasts over fifty-eight years, Alistair Cooke reported on America, illuminating our country for a global audience. An interesting eyewitness record .  .  . Published to stellar reviews, cooke’s the american Home Front is a “valentine to his adopted country by someone who loved it as well as anyone and knew it better than most” The Plain Dealer.

The American Home Front, 1941-1942 #ad - A new york times bestseller: this portrait of the united States at the beginning of World War II is “an unexpected and welcome discovery in a time capsule” The Washington Post. A portrait frozen in time, big cities, the book offers a charming look at the era as it journeys through small towns, and the American landscape as they once were.

The american home front is also a brilliant piece of reportage, a historical gem that “affirms Cooke’s enduring place as a great twentieth-century reporter” American Heritage.


My German Question: Growing Up in Nazi Berlin

Yale University Press #ad - Gay’s account—marked by candor, modesty, and insight—adds an important and curiously neglected perspective to the history of German Jewry. Not a single paragraph is superfluous. Not only a memoir, it’s also a fierce reply to those who criticized German-Jewish assimilation and the tardiness of many families in leaving Germany” Publishers Weekly.

In this poignant book, a renowned historian tells of his youth as an assimilated, ” says Peter Gay, anti-religious Jew in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1939—“the story, “of a poisoning and how I dealt with it. With his customary eloquence and analytic acumen, the life they led, Gay describes his family, and the reasons they did not emigrate sooner, and he explores his own ambivalent feelings—then and now—toward Germany its people.

Gay describes the bravery and ingenuity of his father in working out this difficult emigration process, the courage of the non-Jewish friends who helped his family during their last bitter months in Germany, and the family’s mounting panic as they witnessed the indifference of other countries to their plight and that of others like themselves.

My German Question: Growing Up in Nazi Berlin #ad - Gay relates that the early years of the nazi regime were relatively benign for his family, yet even before the events of 1938–39, culminating in Kristallnacht, they were convinced they must leave the country. His inquiry rivets without let up, powered by its unremitting candor. Los angeles times book Review   “An eloquent memoir.

The wall street journal   “A moving testament to the agony the author experienced. Chicago tribune    “a valuable chronicle of what life was like for those who lived through persecution and faced execution.


The Marrying of Chani Kaufman

Black Cat #ad - All the cups of cold coffee and small talk with suitors have led up to this moment. But the happiness chani and baruch feel is outweighed by their anxiety about the realities of married life; about whether they will be able to have fewer children than Chani’s mother, who has eight daughters; and about the frightening, unspeakable secrets of the wedding night.

London, 2008. Nineteen-year-old chani kaufman is betrothed to Baruch Levy, a young man she’s seen only four times before their wedding day. As chani and baruch prepare to share a lifetime, together with the rest of the community, Chaim and Rivka struggle to keep their marriage alive—and all four, face difficult decisions about the place of faith and family in the contemporary world.

The Marrying of Chani Kaufman #ad - Rewardingly delightful” Bust. Through the story of chani and baruch’s unusual courtship, we meet a very different couple: Rabbi Chaim Zilberman and his wife, Rebbetzin Rivka Zilberman. A “stunning” portrait of life and love inside an insular Jewish community that “reads like an Orthodox Pride and Prejudice .

 .  . Longlisted for the man booker prize and selected as an amazon best book of the Month, The Marrying of Chani Kaufman is a “deeply melodic and exciting” story that “will resonate with readers from all backgrounds” and “linger after the last page” Publishers Weekly.


Into Enemy Arms: The Remarkable True Story of a German Girl's Struggle against Nazism, and Her Daring Escape with the Allied Airman She Loved

Grub Street Publishing #ad -  . As they faced exhaustion, hunger, and the constant risk of discovery, extreme cold, Ditha and Gordon’s love for one another intensified, and so did their determination to survive and escape. Into enemy arms tells the extraordinary story of Ditha and the escaped POWs she helped save. At the same time more than fifteen hundred British and Commonwealth airmen were being marched out of Stalag Luft VII, a POW camp in the same region.

Together, they embarked on a dangerous and daring flight out of Germany. Twenty-three of these prisoners managed to escape from the marching column—and by chance hobbled into Lossen. The suspenseful true story of a love that defied Nazi oppression, and a harrowing journey to freedom. One among them, warrant officer Gordon Slowey, was the man Ditha was destined to meet and fall in love with.

Into Enemy Arms: The Remarkable True Story of a German Girl's Struggle against Nazism, and Her Daring Escape with the Allied Airman She Loved #ad - Close jewish friends had vanished, swastikas hung from every building, and neighbors were disappearing in the middle of the night. In 1945, ditha bruncel was living with her parents in the small town of Lossen, in Upper Silesia.


The Brass Check: A Study of American Journalism

Open Road Media #ad - In this influential study, he takes on the effect of money and power on mass media, magazines, arguing that the newspapers, and wire services of the Progressive era formed “a class institution serving the rich and spurning the poor. In the early twentieth century, a “brass check” was a token purchased by brothel patrons.

Sinclair considered The Brass Check to be his most important and most dangerous book. Reporters and editors were paid to service the financial and political interests of their bosses, even if that meant misrepresenting the facts or outright lying. Nearly a century later, his impassioned call for reform is timelier than ever.

The Brass Check: A Study of American Journalism #ad - By drawing a comparison between journalists and prostitutes, Sinclair highlights the total control publishers such as William Randolph Hearst exerted over their empires. A muckraking exposé of corruption in american journalism from the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Jungle Upton Sinclair dedicated his life to documenting the destructive force of unbridled capitalism.

. Sinclair documents specific cases, including the ludlow Massacre of 1914 and the Red Scare whipped up by Hearst’s New York Journal and other newspapers, in which major news outlets ignored the truth in favor of tabloid sensationalism. This ebook has been authorized by the estate of Upton Sinclair.


Death in Springtime A Marshal Guarnaccia Investigation Book 3

Soho Crime #ad - Then one of the girls turns up in a village in the Chianti, claiming the kidnappers have released her to propose a ransom for the other victim. A police mystery in the acclaimed series set in Florence, Italy: “Nabb is so good she’s awesome” The Philadelphia Inquirer. A masterpiece. Georges simenon, author of the Inspector Maigret series.

But the marshal thinks she’s lying. Besides, italian law forbids paying ransom to criminals, so the marshal must find the missing girl before her kidnappers decide to end her life—in this novel in the series that has been called “crime fiction at its best” The Sunday Times. The unusual march snowfall has distracted everyone—even Marshal Guarnaccia, who is unsure of what he has actually witnessed.

Death in Springtime A Marshal Guarnaccia Investigation Book 3 #ad - Two foreign girls are abducted from a Florence piazza in broad daylight.